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Why Wade Faulkner?

    • Retired Judge Advocate

      I’ve been around the military my entire professional life.  My 15+ years of experience as a JAG and 23+ years of service put me in a great position to help you.  You fought for your country – now let me fight for you.

    • Former Prosecutor

      As a Captain from 2003-2004, Wade served as a trial counsel (prosecutor) at Fort Polk, Louisiana.  In that job, Wade advised 4 brigade-level commanders on all cases arising under the UCMJ and potential courses of action.  As a Lieutenant Colonel from 2011-2013 at Fort Hood, Texas, Wade served as the Chief of Military Justice where he oversaw all cases arising under III Corps and supervised over a dozen prosecutors.  Wade also oversaw the prosecution of the Fort Hood shooter in the court-martial of US v. MAJ Nidal Hasan.

    • Former Defense Counsel

      As a Major from 2004-2007, Wade served as a defense counsel and the senior defense counsel at Fort Carson, Colorado.  In that role, not only did he defend Soldiers at courts-martial, he also supervised four defense counsel and two paralegals.  Wade was also a by-name selection to defend one of the detainees at Guantanamo who was facing charges at a military commission.  One of Wade’s supervisors called him a “gifted, caring leader and a stellar advocate” and “the best Judge Advocate I have ever supervised.”

    • Former Military Judge

      As a Lieutenant Colonel from 2013-2016, Wade served as a military judge at Fort Hood, Texas.  In that role, Wade presided over both General and Special courts-martial, supervised military magistrates, and trained both prosecutors and defense counsel.  Wade’s immediate supervisor said that Wade has an “encyclopedic knowledge of the law,” “perfect judicial temperament,” and is “respectful and kind in his treatment of others.”

Wade Faulkner – Attorney-at-Law

As a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel with over 23 years of service and with more than 15 years experience in military criminal law, Wade Faulkner can help you with your case.  Whether in military or civilian court, call Wade Faulkner for help with any of the following issues:

  • Court-Martial
  • Federal or State Felony
  • Article 15
  • Letters of Reprimand
  • Officer Show-Cause Board
  • Admin Separation Board

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